A beautiful day…

A beautiful day…

Feels like spring. I decided to walk down to the park to enjoy the good weather while it lasts. As I was crossing a street I suddenly recalled that the last time I had gone that way I was feeling so very nauseous I was afraid I might throw up before I got to the park. I had to suck on mints to keep myself from gagging.
That was maybe two months ago. Now I feel so much better. I feel healthy, if a little sore in the back and big in the belly. I really need to be walking more than I am. Getting some exercise at least. When the weather is this nice it’s hard to recall why I don’t go out when the weather is cold and nasty. But I do want to resolve that even if February is brutal, I will try to get out and do some walking, so I don’t get as winded as I did today. 

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  • not that it matters, but i am one of marion and emily’s grandchildren..i was just searching on google and found your page…but in the photo, there are all 20 wedding photos of all of the children, and each of the childrens children in the frames. that cabinet is extremely important to all of us…just thought you’d like to know…lol

  • Erin,
    Thank you so much for writing in and sharing a bit more of your family’s story. T wish I could reprint that photo in my blog, so inspiring to see all those photos in the cabinet, so much love!

    (Sorry I’ve been so slow responding to comments, it’s been a hectic month.)