The Present

The Present

Of all the Christmas/Epiphany presents I got this year one was clearly the best: the crocheted Noah’s Ark baby blanket my sister Theresa made.


She’s a full time student, working on her senior thesis this semester, and yet somehow she managed to crochet this adorable blanket (which is not a small one either) and all the animals. I just hope her classes didn’t suffer too much. (I should note that she didn’t complete the project over the semester. There was a little work left to do and she finished it over the two weeks that we were in Texas so Dom and I were really able to appreciate the work that wne into it.)

I should mention that this is her first crochet project ever. She’s never done this before.

My favorite part of the blanket is a bit hard to see in this picture: the two llamas at the bottom that she substituted for the Noah and “Mrs Noah” of the original patter which she thought looked “dorky”. There’s a whole inside joke about llamas that’s been running since sometime early last year—Dom and I even bought her a children’s book when we were on the honeymoon called Llama, Llama Red Pajama—and she created these llamas herself without a pattern. Is my sister talented or what?

(That’s Theresa on the left, in her new bathrobe, I’m on the right and you can just glimpse the baby the blanket is for in the small bulge of my belly.)

We got quite a few great baby gifts while we were in Texas: a family friend knitted a cute yellow hat (her first knitting project), my sister’s roommate brought back adorable fur-lined leather booties from England, my parents brought a bib from Canada and my friend Sarah gave us a great picture book. I’m loving all the baby stuff, I just can’t wait till I get to use it all!

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