I confess….

I confess….

Thanks to Kelly who tagged me several days ago. I suppose I first have to confess extreme procrastination. I actually thought of some good ones when Dom got tagged, but not expecting to be in the hot seat myself, I neglected to write them down. In other words, it was interesting until it became an assignment. (Argh! I sound like my students!)

I confess I feel like a hypocrite when I upbraid my students for procrastination. Most of the time when I should be grading their papers I can be found reading a book, playing solitaire, working on a quilt, cleaning the kitchen, reading a book, surfing the internet and reading blogs, or curled up on the couch reading a good book…. or, occasionally, posting a blog entry.

I confess that when I see someone refer to their spouse as “dh” or “dw” it makes my skin crawl.

I confess that I read all sorts of non-literary stuff like science fiction and fantasy, mystery novels and even the occasional romance (Georgette Heyer and Diana Gabaldon, though, not Harlequin) and yet I would never mention any of these books if a colleague asked me what was the last book I read. Instead, I’d rifle through my memory trying to think of the last “intellectual” book I’d read. (This was true in college too, substitute professor for colleague.)

I confess I’m using my pregnancy as an excuse to eat lots of ice-cream. It doesn’t upset my stomach and, hey, it has calcium in it!

I confess I still haven’t written a single thank you note for a wedding gift… and feel really bad about it. Really. (I did get all my shower thank yous done before the wedding. My goal is to get these done before I have to start writing thank yous for baby gifts.)

I confess I’m out of ideas…. including other people to tag. So I’m breaking the chain.




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