Pregnancy part I

Pregnancy part I

I haven’t blogged on this yet. Partly because for the first couple of months I wanted to treasure the knowledge just with friends and family, not trumpet it out to the world. I can’t exactly say why that was the case, and Domenic didn’t understand it at all, but that’s how I felt.
But a few weeks ago I gave him permission to blog about it at bettnet, partly to explain the shortage of his own posts—he was too busy caring for his poor sick wife.
And I guess that explains the other reason I haven’t yet posted about this topic: I’ve been too sick. I’m sure no one really wants to read about how sick I’ve been, how often I’ve thrown up, etc.
And really, this has never been one of those constantly updated blogs. I write when I have something to say, otherwise I am silent. I seem to go through cycles. Sometimes I’m prolific, others I get disinterested as life pulls me away from my own semi-private musings.
So it goes. I could never be faithful to a diary either.

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