wedding reflections II

wedding reflections II

We were the best of friends in college. Still are, though now living on opposite coasts so we don’t see each other as often. In fact people used to call me Steph and her Mel and we didn’t blink at it.

So she flew out from Seattle for the bridal shower. The only out of town friend to do so. Mom and Theresa were my only family. The rest of the guests were local friends and Dom’s family.

It was great to have here here in June for the shower and she was able to meet Dom and spend some time with me. We also dragged her to a parish picnic. (It was at that picnic that
Alice Strejcek , who sang an Ave Maria of her own composition at our wedding mass, offered to sing a part of the mass she’s composed so we all packed into the choir loft at IC to listen to her play and sing.)

Stephanie also arrived early in the week before the wedding. She flew into NY and stayed there for a few days and then took the train up to Boston where she rented a car. I have to confess I didn’t see her as much as I’d have liked. She was staying in a hotel in Danvers and thus less accessible. Especially given her late sleeping habits, accentuated by jet lag. On Wed, while I ran errands with Theresa and Loi, Stephanie took my little brother Stephen to the beach I think mom went too. Thus they missed all the panic and confusion over Tim’s missing his flight.

I love Tim. The older of my two younger brothers. The artist. Why did it not surprise me when dad said he’d missed his flight.
He called, in tears, on Wed. Devastated. But dad was soothing. Said we’ll reschedule you. It will be ok. Then we set about getting him on a flight leaving Thursday (ironically, he was originally supposed to come in Thurs but I asked it he could come earlier to make the rehersal Thursday night.)
To make a long story short, he did make it on Thursday, but we had no phone contact with him after the first frantic call so we had no idea he’d made the flight until right before the rehersal Thursday evening when someone had the bright idea of asking the airline. WE found out he had indeed boarded the plane and immediately after the rehearsal dad left to pick him up in Manchester while the rest of us went to dinner at Salem Beer Works. (that would be me, Dom, mom, Stephen, Theresa, Stephanie, Jenny K,  Loi, and Meghan.)

We didn’t do the traditional rehearsal dinner at which both extended families meet and mingle since Immaculate Conception does rehearsals on Thursday instead of Friday night and Dom’s family have to work then. John, who read the epistle, did come to the rehearsal bringing Peter, Joseph and Mary who were altar servers. Pete was there too, of course, as best man. But these working families guys had to leave right after the rehearsal, they didn’t stay for dinner.

My brilliant plan was to get my family (excepting Tim—but that’s another long story) to fly in the Saturday before the wedding. Then the Sunday before both families gathered at Bernie and Carol’s house (my new brother and sister in law) for a BBQ get-together. (Massachusetts style, not Texas). This worked out well because everyone had a chance to hang out and talk in a relaxed environment. My dad chased Mary around with the camera, the kids all ran around playing, we all stuffed our faces and many embarassing stories were told. Everyone thought this was a good low-pressure mixer. After dinner we all adjourned to John and Patty’s where the kids and Domenic played in the pool while the rest of us sat poolside and chatted (Oh, and Stephen played some badmitton with the older kids). Dom’s dad showed up briefly and talked dad’s ear off, what a racounter!

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