I’ve been crazy busy, and distracted. Keep forgetting to record things.
This past weekend D and I went up to Maine. Drove up Friday and went to dinner (with mom Bettinelli and FB) at a very cool restaurant on the docks in Portland called Flatbread. Very hippie crunchy, organic all natural. Lemonade made with maple syrup, excellent mixed green salad with a bit of seaweed and a ginger sesame dressing. The pizza was excellent. Cooked in a huge handmade pizza oven in the middle of the room. Good crunchy crust, but thick enough to chew, some of the best I’ve ever had.

Saturday we went for a drive around Sebago lake, then came home and went for a swim. A bit different, calmer, without lots of kids jumping and shrieking. Dinner was big bowls of pho and yummy springrolls. Then a late night trip to the big LL Bean shop in Freeport which never closes. I got some denim shorts (1 green, 1 blue), green pants, and a queen-sized blue and white striped comforter cover (all on sale at 30% off). Coveted some very cute seashell print sheets, (much cuter up close than in the pictures) but they were too expensive to justify buying. Maybe I can find them on sale later.

Missed mass Sunday AM. decided to go to pm mass. Went to breakfast at the favorite local place, then into Portland where we bought lobsters on the docks. Home for a bit of swimming before we dove into the lobsters. Then mass. Mrs B insisted we have dessert so she packed it with us and we had it in the Denny’s parking lot after mass. Angel food cake with cool whip, blueberries and strawberries. Very patriotic.

Yesterday D worked and I graded papers. We grilled steaks for dinner and then went down to the Salem harbor fireworks. They put on a good show.  Live orchestra, good sized crowds.

We met Pete and Evy and the kids there.  The girls loved the fireworks. Flirted with the little girl next to us.  Kateri sat in my lap for part of the fireworks, at one point she said “I wish your mom and your sister were here.” She met them last weekend when they came up for the shower. How sweet.
Before the fireworks started Chiara decided she wanted to take a little nap. She crawled into the stroller (Josh did not want to take a nap and so was being passed around) and pulled up her blanket. After a few minutes laying there she sat up and put out her hand. “Be quiet. I sleeping.” she ordered. As the orchestra played and thousands of people around us chatted and laughed. We all cracked up. She didn’t see the humor.

Lots of moving the last two weeks. In addition to unpacking presents and finding homes for all of them, Dom has also been bringing over a load of stuff every time he makes the trip. We now have three bookcases in the dining room, boxes everywhere. Good thing we have lots of space.

Tonight we go down to Waltham for Meghan’s b-day dinner. I hope to finish up with my class grading and turn in grades tomorrow so I can get down to some serious quilting. Though I also need to turn in book lists for next semester and finish all that lesson planning stuff. Fun.

Theresa arrives in two weeks. Dom goes off to SF at that time too for a quick business trip. Just six weeks until the wedding, but already so much has changed.

more later….

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