The news

The news

I suppose I should officially record, for posterity or something, my thoughts on being engaged. But the fact is everyone who reads this already knows the facts. And as for what I think or feel, I don’t think I can adequately capture that jumble in words. And, oddly, I’m not sure I want to.

At least not yet.

Maybe I’ve just got to let the dust settle. It all seems so odd. It feels inevitable yet alien. I feel at peace and panicked. 
Calling all my friends and catching up on news. How happy and congratulatory everyone is. Exciting and yet I feel weird being the center of attention.
Dad listing out all the things we’re not supposed to talk about. Trying so hard not to step on toes, not to tell me how to do things.
All the married people wanting to give advice.
Some welcome, some not.
mom, excited sent an email to D. Evidently very nice. Dad wanted to too, but didn’t know address. Figures mom said what needed to be said. Typical.

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