last supper—transcript of IM chat

last supper—transcript of IM chat

Terri says: I love the last supper, but pictures of it are usually so boring.
Why is it there are so few really amazing pictures of it?
Just because people are struggling to get everyong into the picture, so its too crowded?

Thirteen people gathered at a long table, the table takes up a huge portion of the scene, and the scene can be very boring.

and it rarely actually shows the best moment

found a site with a protestant griping about the eucharist, and talking about the marriage feast at the end of time. he doesn’t see that the eucharist IS the marriage feast of the lamb, we don’t have to wait for it, it is here!

me: I think it is hard to capture the greatness of it in a static form

Then there are the last suppers that try too hard to make it interesting… I recall one that just looked like a big banquet, you could hardly see that it was a last supper

But then how do you convery the mystery of the eucharist in a painting?

I wonder if there would be a way to do something parallel to what The Passion did in cutting between the cross and the last supper? Cause that sort of cuts to the heart of the matter

One reason I like Dali’s is it seems to capture some of that mystical quality.

Terri: it could be hard to do a mystical sort of last supper without seeming hokey.

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