snow again?

This is the sort of night that the phrase “winter wonderland” was coined to describe. though I might actually prefer “fairyland.” After raining all day it turned to snow at evening and the wetness is making the snow stick to everything… each single twig turned into a sugar stick. The quality of the light is that uncanny nighttime brightness snow creates, an enchanted space.
I saw a dozen of the giant municipal plows congregated on Endicott Street just past the mall. A herd of mythic beasts planning for the hunt.

Domenic, being who he is left my Valentine’s present on his bed where I could see it when I walked in. (not that I’m complaining) So I got it early, a big beautiful box of Godiva chocolates, all dark. Yum! Of course, he isn’t good at keeping secrets, holding back presents, I doubt they’d have made it to Valentine’s day anyway. (an endearing impatience)

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