walking through Salem on a snowy evening

No Bible study last night. We had decided to switch location from Peabody because Pete and Evy, who now have their hands full with new baby Josh, can’t host any longer.
I showed up a few minutes late, Dom and Dave were chatting in the kitchen. No one else showed, so after half an hour Dave decided he would be nice and shove off so Dom and I could hang out.
We walked over to McSwiggins. Had a pint of Guinness and watched the snow falling in large lovely flakes. Also had some buffalo wings and poached some of D’s fish and chips. Yum I love malt vinegar! Good toast pub, Irish music playing, excellent beer, isn’t that the best place to be on a snowy evening?
Dom reminded me, laughing, of our first “date” there. His sneaky plan to get me to go out with him by telling me a group was going and then somehow no one else showed up.

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