daily mass

daily mass

Finally got back to daily mass this morning. What a blessing it is! I am so lucky to have a job that allows me to go. And this semester no morning classes at all, so I can go every day!
I’ve really missed it the past month. (Though I suppose most to blame is my own laziness, I could have got up and gone with dad if I hadn’t been up so late being with Tree. A hard choice,though it shouldn’t be any kind of choice at all.)
The little old ladies all seemed glad to see me when I walked in. I have to admit it’s rather nice to feel like I’m part of a community, and that I’m missed when I’m not there. (None of them would shake my hand during the sign of peace, though. They all had colds.)
Father Murphy gave a great homily on priesthood:beginning with St. Cyprian’s letter to the Romans about St Fabian, a layman who was elected Pope, who glorified the Romans in his martyrdom.  The priesthood of the baptized, we offer the sacrifice of the mass with the priest as the unbaptized cannot do. The epistle on Christ as our great high priest interceding for us with the father, Satan the accuser having been cast out of heaven by Michael and the hosts of heaven. He asked us to pray for priests who are often tempted to think of themselves as the center of attention, to entertain instead of act in persona Christi. Reflected on how this temptation springs from priests turning to face people, removing from emphasis on priest leading the people in their sacrifice. Not saying that facing isn’t good, but pointing out that it also has dangers for priest. 
It is so nice to hear real teaching on matters of faith in mass. I reflected back on the really bad homily at the UD chapel from the Domenican priest who wanted to tell us Jesus was our special friend—good theology for toddlers, not for adults!

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