wedding reflections III

As the wedding date approached, everyone kept asking us if we were nervous. Dom developed a pat answer: No, impatient. I felt the same way. Well maybe not so impatient. But eager to have the day arrive. We were so laid-back during the whole planning process. I guess I can see how it can become […]

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found on google

links for Uncle Bill… Just thought it was interesting. Dad mentioned he’d found his brother via google. I find it very fun to google friends and family, especially when you actuall find something. I also must mention, while I’m at it that Uncle Bill and Aunt Lonna sent the most beautiful Italian vase for a […]

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wedding reflections II

Stephanie. We were the best of friends in college. Still are, though now living on opposite coasts so we don’t see each other as often. In fact people used to call me Steph and her Mel and we didn’t blink at it. So she flew out from Seattle for the bridal shower. The only out […]

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wedding reflections I

I guess I should write down some impressions about the wedding before I forget. I see I haven’t blogged since sometime in July. Probably since around the time Theresa got here… funny that! I guess that’s a good enough place to start: She got here July 13, a full month before the wedding. Having my […]

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Meghan’s b-day

A good time was had by all. I don’t really like American Italian. the food just underwhelms me. But the good company made up for what was lacking in culinary delights. I met some new people… Meghan has very interesting colleagues. One was a very nice English teacher from Marblehead who used to work in […]

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I’ve been crazy busy, and distracted. Keep forgetting to record things. This past weekend D and I went up to Maine. Drove up Friday and went to dinner (with mom Bettinelli and FB) at a very cool restaurant on the docks in Portland called Flatbread. Very hippie crunchy, organic all natural. Lemonade made with maple […]

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