Pregnancy Part II

I guess I got distracted. I never finished my thoughts when I left off at the end of Part I. Well, they’re gone now. Things are looking up now. I haven’t thrown up for 10 days! Though I still get very tired and occasionally have food aversions and some smells get to me. This is […]

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Academic Freedom?

I received in the mail today a copy of Thought and Action, the NEA higher education journal. I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. from an essay on academic freedom: An investigation of academic freedom needs to include not only examples of individuals who faced sanction or dismissal because they had a particular […]

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new blog

Theresa’s been telling me about a new Domenican priest at UD who gives awesome homilies. Evidently she not the only one who thinks so. He’s had such demand for copies of them that he’s created a blog and is now posting them. 

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Pregnancy part I

I haven’t blogged on this yet. Partly because for the first couple of months I wanted to treasure the knowledge just with friends and family, not trumpet it out to the world. I can’t exactly say why that was the case, and Domenic didn’t understand it at all, but that’s how I felt. But a […]

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Word Nerds

Today Dom introduced me to a new podcast called Word Nerds. One of the regular features is a rude word of the day. Today’s was “troll.” They explained that “troll” is currently used to describe a person who intentionally says rude or insulting things in an online forum to bait other readers into responding. They […]

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interesting site

Random House’s official site for Dorothy Dunnett’s Lymond Chronicles, some of my favorite books. Interesting study questions, not that I’m likely to find many people to discuss these books with. My college buddy Claudia introduced me to the glory that is Lymond, I introduced my sister to them and am trying to get Dom to […]

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in praise of P. G. Wodehouse

In his article, “God & Bertie Wooster” Joseph Bottum, one of my favorite contemporary poets and commentator on literature, explains why Wodehouse is a necessary antidote to Nietzche and all other ailments fo the modern waste land.   As it happens, Bertie Wooster and the other young men of P.G. Wodehouse�s world have little in […]

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