we had confirmation this morning and it went well the bishop was great—- good homily and Thomas actually showed up, was confirmed, and seemed happy to be there, not sulking though Olivia fainted after the consecration and had to be carried out all our kids were well dressed and well behaved. one girl from one […]

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attendance policy

very important but hard to formulte. I’m never happy with the wording of mine…. or with my enforcement of it. I found this one online and thought it pretty good. Regular Attendance is required in this class. Repeated absences will not be accepted without penalty. Furthermore, students who arrive late or leave early will be […]

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Toward a bilingual America

This reminds me of some of the conversations I had with Dom. Especially last summer when I was taking the class that focus on Latino students at Salem State. I still feel undecided on the issue. I think most of the teachers at SSC were kinda wrong-headed. But then I think this author makes a […]

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