Reading Notes March 2018

Finished in March 1. In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden This was not my first visit to Brede Abbey. I’ve read the novel a few times. But recently the Kindle edition was on sale and I snapped it up, thinking it might be handy to have. I was very glad that I had […]

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Why the Passion?

“But why the passion? Why pain and suffering? Is God so vindictive that he must inflict pain and suffering on those who follow him? The answer lies not in God’s will but in the world in which we live and try to follow his will. Christ’s life and suffering were redemptive; his ‘apostolate’ in the […]

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Harry Dresden’s Purgatorial Changes

Caveat Lector: Warning the following blog post contains lots of spoilers for the Dresden Files series. If you don’t want any of the books spoiled, then don’t read any further. After I finished reading Changes I needed someone to talk about it with. Or barring good conversation, I’d take reading some good essays and reviews. […]

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