Beet and Carrot Curry

Dom and the boys went to a cub scout cooking event on Friday. They went with ingredients to make stew and inexplicably came back with a five pound bag of carrots. So today I made carrot cake and a carrot and beet curry. Ingredients 1 onion, diced 4 medium sized beets, chopped into 1 inch […]

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When the Holy Child Knocks

In Green Dolphin Street, Elizabeth Goudge’s novel set partly in the Channel Islands in the 1830s there’s a marvelous scene in which a young girl meets an elderly nun which illustrates the power of intercessory prayer in a powerful and poetic way. Young Marguerite wanders into a forbidden bay while on a picnic with her […]

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How to Hide the Medicine: Chris Pratt’s Nine Rules for Life

I don’t watch award shows, but Chris Pratt’s MTV awards acceptance speech was being shared widely on social media yesterday. And I really cannot rave about it enough. To say that it might be my favorite acceptance speech ever doesn’t really do it justice because who rates acceptance speeches. Instead, I’ll say it’s been one […]

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Learning Notes Week of June 4

Monday June 4 Anthony: math, copywork, reading. Sophie: math, copywork, poetry recitation. Bella: math, copwork, Latin, composition (writing down one of their Star Wars games, the story of a character that she made up: Darth Maul’s personal service droid). Read me a chapter of The Scarlett Pimpernel. Bella and Sophie spent a long time talking […]

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