As I said in my write-up of our museum day last week, I think Botticelli is the greater artist but it was the Matisse exhibit that had me itching to go home and create. Perhaps it’s Matisse’s childlike simplicity. He makes it seem as if art is achievable, while I know I will never […]

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Reading Notes April 2017

My little monthly summary of what I’ve been reading to keep myself accountable for what I’m reading, to bolster my fuzzy memory, and to share book lists with my book-loving friends. Finished 1. The Discoverers: A History of Man’s Search to Know His World and Himself by Daniel Boorstin Finally finished! I began The Discoverers […]

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Botticelli and Matisse at the MFA

I’d been awaiting this day for a while. My friend Rachel was going to meet us at the museum and Dom took the day off so he could come too. We were going to see Botticelli and Matisse! Bella was thrilled, Sophie was intrigued, and the younger kids were resigned. And then we almost didn’t […]

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The Castle

The Castle All through that summer at ease we lay, And daily from the turret wall We watched the mowers in the hay And the enemy half a mile away They seemed no threat to us at all. For what, we thought, had we to fear With our arms and provender, load on load, Our […]

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They cried for a broken gourd

Yet they felt the sea-wind tying them into one nation of eyes and shadows and groans, in the one pain that is inconsolable, the loss of one’s shore with its crooked footpath. They had wept, not for their wives only, their fading children, but for strange, ordinary things. This one, who was a hunter, wept […]

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