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Things Were So Much Better Then

Is there any affliction now endured by mankind that was not endured by our fathers before us? What sufferings of ours even bear comparison with what we know of their sufferings? And yet you hear people complaining about this present day and age because things were so much better in former times. I wonder what […]

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Reading Notes July 2017

Books Finished: 1. Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein A “companion novel” to Code Name Verity. I’d have just said sequel. Although the novel has a different protagonist who wasn’t in the first novel, there are several characters who appear in both. Maddie, one of the main characters in CNV makes a significant appearance early in […]

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A Benediction for the Capitol

In November of 1800 Congress convened for the first time in joint session in the as yet unfinished Capitol building and John Adams gave his last address as president. It would be unbecoming the representatives of this nation to assemble for the first time in this solemn temple without looking up to the Supreme Ruler […]

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