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Reading Notes April 2017

My little monthly summary of what I’ve been reading to keep myself accountable for what I’m reading, to bolster my fuzzy memory, and to share book lists with my book-loving friends. Finished 1. The Discoverers: A History of Man’s Search to Know His World and Himself by Daniel Boorstin Finally finished! I began The Discoverers […]

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They cried for a broken gourd

Yet they felt the sea-wind tying them into one nation of eyes and shadows and groans, in the one pain that is inconsolable, the loss of one’s shore with its crooked footpath. They had wept, not for their wives only, their fading children, but for strange, ordinary things. This one, who was a hunter, wept […]

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Reading Notes March 2017

Finished: 1. The Underrunners by Margaret Mahy A juvenile novel set in New Zealand. A boy who lives with his father on the edge of the wilderness whose mother has left for Australia. Meets a girl who is living at a local home for children because her mother has been hospitalized. It turns out they […]

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Well Versed in the Art of Dying

I’ve been reading a book about St Elizabeth Ann Seton. Last night this passage caught my eye: Death in desire has many advantages… 1st, it is very agreeable to God, because by it we submit ourselves to Him as His creatures and offer ourselves a voluntary victim to His power and majesty. 2nd, it is […]

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